The Take 1 software for the Apple II originally came in two flavors: Take 1 and Take 1 Deluxe.  While the first version was sufficient for most movie productions, the Deluxe version included additional characters with which a user could create their first movies.

As of 2022, thanks to the efforts of the famed Apple II programmer, Qkumba, the program also is available for ProDOS. We provide all three version below in disk image format, ready for reconstitution on an actual floppy disk, or ready for use directly on your favorite Apple II emulator.

Take-1Deluxe Take-1Deluxe Take-1 ProDOS
Take 1 DiskSide A (5.25 inch)
Take 1 Disk Side B (5.25 inch)
Take 1 Manual PDF
Take 1 Disk Side A (5.25 Inch)
Take 1 Manual PDF
Deluxe Take 1 ProDOS
Disk Side A (32 mb)
Take 1 Manual PDF
Animation Library #1
Actions and Actions
Animation Library #2
Heros and Villans
Animation Library #3
Actors and Actions Disk
Actors and Actions Manual
Heros and Villans Disk
Heros and Villans Manual
Business Disk Side A (5.25 inch)
Business Disk Side B (5.25 inch)
Take-1 Movie TipsTake-1 Programmer’s Toolkit
Movie Tips Disk Side A (5.25 inch)
Movie Tips Disk Side B (5.25 inch)
Take-1 Programmer’s Toolkit
Disk Side A (5.25 inch)